October 21, 2016

happy weekend

 Happy Friday friends!

Today I am trying to get caught up around the house from the havoc our week wrecked on it- meaning: laundry, dishes, picking up, sweeping, plus more dishes. Also soaking up plenty of snuggles and Lego building with my favorite three little humans.

Tonight my favorite big human and I are meeting up with friends in Vancouver at a pizza place they frequent.

Tomorrow the whole family is going over to our friends' house to watch the OSU game.
Go Beavs!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

October 20, 2016

loving lately :: kid stuff

There are many products, foods, and toys I have come to appreciate over the years of having kids, and I go through different phases with what I like and what the kids are into. Here are some of my current favorites:

Duplos These huge legos are perfect for building all kinds of structures, and even little ones like Judah can use them. The kids have been so into them lately that I keep a big basket of them on our fireplace and it is usually the first toy that gets pulled out in the morning. We all sit around the pile of Duplos and build together- so much fun! I am asking for more for Christmas.

Think Baby shampoo I just discovered this product a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! It is free of parabens and other harmful chemicals while still being tear-free. Also, it makes my kids' hair smell like some sort of delicious tropical fruit smoothie.

Kirkland Signature's organic applesauce packets Oh my heavens, do my children love applesauce! It was one of Judah's first words ("appy-sauce!) and it is by far his most requested food. He even had an applesauce cake for his birthday this year. These packets are perfect for on the go- I can just grab them and throw them into my bag without worrying about them spilling or the kids needing a spoon. Also, the kids can have them while they are out playing somewhere because I don't feel like they must wash hands before eating one of these.

Seventh Generation diapers Okay, seriously, how cute are these?! They are just adorable on Judah's little bum (and he runs around the house in a shirt and diaper quite a bit) and they are also free of chlorine bleaching and fragrances, which gives me less guilt about not using cloth diapers so much anymore, ha.

Jelly beans Although I am not super into sugar and candy for my kiddos (our style of dessert is going out to fro-yo or making cookies together every so often), I have realized the power that jelly beans (I think these ones are Trader Joe's brand) can hold. On special occasions when we are out and about and I know they will need a little extra coaxing towards the end (i.e. trying to finish up the last exhibits and leave the Zoo) I carry a little bag of these magic beans in my pocket and reward the kids for good behavior when everyone is getting tired and cranky ("Everyone gets a bean when we reach the gate to leave the Zoo!" "Everyone gets two beans when we are in the car and buckled up!").

These are few of my favorite kid things lately- what are yours?

Also, this post is not sponsored by any company, but I would be happy to take a check if they want to sponsor me!

PS up next- favorite pregnancy stuff lately
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October 17, 2016

pun-ka-nin patch

 Yesterday we went to the pun-ka-nin patch (as Elle calls it).

The patch is about a five minute drive from our house, which is one thing we love about living where we do- farmland is not far away! This patch had a bunch of fun stuff to do, which we enjoyed despite the fact that everything was soaked.

There was a very short hay maze (this was Judah's favorite):

James was in heaven practicing his lassoing skills:

There were even some donkeys and floppy-eared goats to check out:

We forgot it was a check/cash-only stand (we usually frequent another nearby stand for our produce), so we only picked out a couple small pumpkins to paint, but we will be back later in the week to play and get some big ol' carving pumpkins!

Happy autumn friends!

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(another) PS- Judah calls them "punkies" and talks about the "punky pass" all the time, sweet little guy

October 13, 2016

baby four :: week 14 (almost)

As I stated in a previous post, we are expecting again! And we are over the moon about baby #4 who will join our family in April.

As I have done with the two previous pregnancies, here are the FAQ's :

Q: Was this one planned? 
A: Yes. Well.... mostly.
Q: When are you due?
A: tax day! Hard to forget that.
Q: What is it?
A: A baby! We aren't going to find out the gender this time, which is a fun twist for number four. And I honestly can't tell what the gender is from the way I feel, nor do I have a preference. I just want a healthy baby.
Q: How are you feeling?
A: SO much better than last pregnancy! My pregnancy with Judah was pretty miserable, so I am extremely thankful that I am feeling less sick with more energy and just all around healthier and thus happier. At the complete risk of sounding sales-y, I am positive it has to do with the incredible nutrition that Lane and I have been using over the past year. With each previous pregnancy my nausea was worse and worse and lasted longer each time. It left me exhausted and down right depressed with my last pregnancy. But I did not go into this with deficient nutrients, which I am sure made all the difference.
Q: Are you having any cravings?
A: I ate a LOT of bread for a couple weeks there, but not really craving anything specific. I always seem to want good cheeses when I am pregnant, which is difficult since I can't have most of my favorites! 

 Q: Are you showing yet?

A: Um. (see above photos)
Q: How do the kids feel about all of it?
A: We had Jenny video us telling the kids, and James was SO excited, it was so sweet. Elle didn't really get it at first, but is starting to get a little bit more excited- she is convinced it is a girl and says it will be "her baby" which is kind of cute and scary at the same time, ha. Meanwhile, pretty sure Judah has no idea what is happening.
Q: So, how far apart will they be?
A: Judah will be two and a half years older than this baby, which is the biggest gap we have had in age. I am really glad it worked out this way because Judah is not great at sharing with any "babies" that come over- he tells them "no baby!" if they are playing with his toys and gets upset if I hold any other baby for too long. Thankfully, we have time to work on these issues.

Overall, we feel so blessed and so thankful that we get the privilege of parenting another little soul!

Here is the announcement post from Judah.
Here is the announcement post from Elle. 

October 08, 2016

bedtime songs

As a child, my mom always sang to me when she tucked me into bed. I remember when she was out of town for work, she even recorded songs for me to listen to on my tape player (yes, tape player, because I'm old).

As a mom, it seems totally natural for me to sing to my own kids as I tuck them in (and lay with Elle while she plays with my hair- kind of sweet, but when will this end?!).

I sing them "The Little Drummer Boy" (which they just call "Pa rump") because that is what my mom used to sing to me. I also sing "Silent Night", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "How Great Thou Art", "The Way You Look Tonight", and a bird-themed version of "Twinkle, Twinkle" that is from a book James was obsessed with when he was younger and I would lay with him for an hour every night before sneaking out of his room. At Christmas time I add pretty much every single Christmas song to my repertoire. I don't know how these particular songs became "the ones", but they are until I memorize something else I can sing that is extremely slow pace.

What songs do you sing your kids? What songs were sung to you when you were a child?

October 06, 2016

lately :: kids, Bend, and babies

Oh my, it feels good to be back.
I have missed blogging SO much! Even if I am the only one who ever reads this silly little inconsistent blog, it's worth it because I enjoy the process and I love looking back over this digital scrapbook. I hope one day my kids can look back on it and remember their childhoods, as spotty as the documentation may be.
There is so much to catch up on over the last few months, so I won't even try. But here is what is happening now:

This little bug is going to be TWO in two days. So crazy. He is so much fun- pretty easy going, especially with how he is hauled around all week dropping off sister and brother, and running errands with me. He loves dancing, building with duplos, and reading books while sitting in my lap. Every day he is saying words that we had no idea he knew. Judah continues to be a struggle at night, bless his little tush, but he worth it all, of course.

Elle continues to be sassy and ridiculously adorable. 
She started preschool this year (only two mornings each week) and she is right in her element. She adores her teachers, and the feeling seems to be mutual. This girl is all the things I wish I had been since I was born- confident, opinionated, knows herself and what she wants. 

James has started kindergarten! Which just blows my mind. We are still getting adjusted to the schedule of waking up early and having him gone all day, but I know it is so good for him and I. He is so sweet with his younger siblings (most of the time) and I try to soak up time with him on the weekends (which are thankfully Friday through Sunday in James school district!). 

We spent the last weekend in Bend. The younger kids went to Yaya's and Grandma's houses and James came over with us, but spent most of the time at our friend's house.

On Saturday we took him out to coffee and for a walk up Pilot Butte.

In other news, we are expecting baby number four. But more on that later...

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