June 24, 2014

what we did in hood river

It seems like forever ago that we took our vacation to Hood River, and I have been wanting to do a follow-up post ever since the vacation house tour. However, my SD card completely broke and I lost all my pictures from our vacation. 

I really wanted to document and remember all we did, so I decided to use the less-than-impressive photos from my phone. Ugh. None the less....

The day we arrived we got Thai for lunch from a food cart we had heard about. I have to be honest and say that the food was not the best Thai I have ever had, but eating it on the back deck of the vacation rental in the sunshine with views of the river made it feel special. 

Then the kids and I headed to the downtown area of Hood River where all the cute shops are located. Lane went to buy an SD card (the very one that just broke, in fact) because I forgot to bring one and was dying to start taking pictures of the house.

We ventured down to G. Willikers Toy Shop and spent almost two hours just playing around with all the toys and gadgets they had there.

That night we went to Brain's Pourhouse for dinner. We sat outside under the twinkle lights and watched passers-by. Lane and I both had their amazing fish tacos. The kids both got something off the kids menu, but the portions were huge! The leftovers served well as lunch the next day.

The following morning we had a late brunch at Pine Street bakery. Everything we ate there was fabulous and the coffee was also good.

Then we headed to the Children's Park which has a ginormous wooden play structure and a sand box (my kid's love language, next to popsicles). It was two blocks from the house we stayed at, so it was the perfect activity to wear them out before rest/nap time.

That afternoon we went to the water front play area. All the play equipment was so cool- not the typical plastic play structures you find at every park. Instead there was a huge climbing rock, large musical instruments, spinning chairs, tunnels, and a slide that went down a little hill. 

There was also a sandy beach area where James immediately took off his shoes and hopped into the water. 

What happened next cannot be described as anything other than "frolicking". James ran back and forth, leaping and frolicking in the water. I think he would have continued all evening if we had let him.

But we went back to the rental house, cleaned up (insert adorable picture of James and Eleanor in the claw foot tub together... darn you SD card...), and went to Double Mountain Brewery for dinner. The wait was long, but the food was delicious. According to Lane, so was the beer. Sigh.

The next day we again headed to Pine Street and the Children's park, then reluctantly packed up and headed home. I can't wait to go back and have already been planning our next trip.

If you are interested, here is the wonderful vacation home we stayed at, on VRBO.

Have you vacationed in Hood River? What are your suggestions for the next time we return?


June 13, 2014

homemade raspberry latte

I worked in coffee for quite a while, thus I saw many strange and- I'll say it- gross combinations of flavoring in drinks. You want a banana mint white mocha? Sure! Coming right up! ...Just please don't be alarmed if I puke while making it.

The fruit flavors always seemed the most odd to me, which is why I quite surprised myself the other day when I decided to make a raspberry latte. 

I simply placed a few (about six) raspberries in the bottom of a mason jar, along with a couple teaspoons of agave syrup. Then I pulled a couple shots over the berries using my handy dandy aeropress. I sort of muddled the coffee, berries, and agave all together with the back of a spoon and added one cup of hot soy milk. Then I closed it up and shook it well.

I actually was very pleased with the results. The raspberries were not overwhelming and the agave not too sweet, just subtle side notes to the coffee. I did have a little problem with some slight curdling (as shown below) but I simply put the lid back on and shook it all together again.

Next time I will for sure be adding some cocoa.

What is the craziest coffee flavoring you have tried?

Happy Friday!

June 10, 2014

23 weeks

I am currently twenty three weeks pregnant! The baby is, apparently, the size of a large mango.

I have felt him squiggling around so much lately, which is by far my favorite part of pregnancy. Even Lane was able to feel him kicking the other night.

Physically, I am tired and already starting to get uncomfortable, although it seems a bit early for that- I still have a lot of growing to do! I decided that I will be only wearing comfy skirts, dresses, and capris for the next seventeen weeks. I don't want to even attempt jeans and belly bands, which are way to much work to keep in place while chasing around two little kiddos. The belly is at the "fun to dress up" stage right now, but I know it is only a matter of weeks until I am rotating the same few maternity shirts through the line up each week.

I have been trying more and more to explain what is going on to Eleanor, but I don't think she gets it at all. It doesn't even make sense to me that there is a baby in my tummy and it will come out and be her baby brother. It truly is a miracle.

Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday!

June 03, 2014

month of meals :: June

It's the moment you have all been waiting for.

Soon it will hit facebook. You will be tweeting about it, texting your friends: "It's here! The monthly meal plan has finally arrived! Now I know what to eat!"

... or maybe not. But either way, it is convenient to have an idea of the meals you may prepare. I tried to come up with a few lighter options this month due to the nice weather we are having.

Again, if you can't read this, feel free to email me and I will send you it in a link so you can print it out full size. fromcuptocup@gmail.com

Happy eating!

meal plan for April
meal plan for May