June 07, 2013

ordinary joys: the rainy and sick day edition

All last week I was super sick and it was super nasty out. But there is always joy to be found:

(James doing puzzles in the fort with his "friends"- Mickey, Big Tiggy, Little Tiggy, and Humphrey the camel)

1. elaborate forts- 'nuff said.

2. a good laugh- if you haven't discovered this website, you need to check it out. Always funny and (almost) always appropriate.

3. homemade flubber- so easy and so entertaining. James favorite thing to do is hide googly eyes in it and then try to find them. Don't ask me why.

4. cozy robes- I am generally a sweatshirt and warm-ups type of gal if I'm having a lazy day, but there is something so comforting about a big, plush robe. It definitely states: "I'm sick and not leaving the house under any circumstances today."

4. calorie replenishing foods- I couldn't eat anything for a few days while I was sick, but as soon as I started to feel better I was dreaming of cinnamon rolls. So I made some.

(extrodinary joys while sick- forgiving children who go with the flow, husbands who run errands and let you get into bed as soon as they are home, and mother-in-laws who drop everything, drive two hours, and take your toddler home for the weekend)

... And happily I am feeling better and it is beautiful out.

Our weekend will be busy with Farmers Market, family hikes, and a couple dinner parties...
Have a happy, sunny weekend!