March 21, 2014

a lime-sized announcement

I need to start out this post by saying: Lane and I are so sorry to our friends who we should have told in person, but didn't get the chance. These last couple months have been crazy, especially with me not feeling well. Even my dad had to find out over the phone and most of the rest of my family via email. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to announce:
Baby number three is on the way!!!

Here are the usual questions, answered before you even had to ask them:
Q: Was this one planned? 
A: Here's about how that went:
     Me: "Well, what do you think?"     Lane: "Hmm, three would be fun."     Me: "Yeah, I like two. But three would be fun."     Lane: "So, what do you think?"     Me: "Well, maybe..."     God: "Boom. Done."     Lane and I: "Well, okay then..." 
Q: When are you due?
A: The beginning of October. The exact due date is the fourth, which in baby time means between the first and the tenth... ish.
Q: What is it?
A: I'm guessing girl, but we won't find out until late May. I will keep you posted!
Q: How are you feeling?
A: Better. Mostly. I still get queasy just thinking about coffee in the morning, which is sad because it is my best friend. The smell even makes me nauseous. From the beginning of week five until about week ten the thought of just about all foods made me want to hurl (hence zero recipe posts), but, ironically, eating was the only thing that would make the nausea subside for a few moments. Happily, I am starting to feel better, but definitely not back to normal. This pregnancy has been the worst and longest lasting morning sickness by far, but I now know from experience that I will be back to normal at some point.
Q: Are you having any cravings?
A: Nope. For a while it was survival mode, anything I could stomach. This translated to mostly bland, white bread, and I had major aversions to vegetables, fruit, diary, meat, or really anything that had any flavor. Lately I have been eating lots of salads, fruit, nuts, and yogurt.

Q: Are you showing yet?
A: Yeah, about that.... It seems that any ab structure I had left just up and quit on the spot when it heard about baby #3. Oh well, that's what postpartum workouts are for, right?
Q: How do James and Eleanor feel about all of it?
A: James is excited, but I don't think the reality has quite hit yet. He keeps asking "Is there still a new baby in your tummy?" Eleanor has no idea what is going on, but I'm hoping as she starts talking and understanding more and more we can explain it to her. 
Q: So, how far apart will they be?
A: James will be four in July, and Eleanor will be two in late November. So, James and the baby will be four years apart, and Elle and the baby will be about 22 months. Yes, we realize that is close and that it means we will have three children four-years-old and under. Here, let me say it for you: I will have my hands full.
Overall, we are a little surprised, but completely delighted about the addition of baby number three. We know it means more sleepless nights, more expenses, more tears, more juggling- but it also means more cuddles, more laughter, more siblings to play with, and more joy. I don't love being pregnant and, honestly, the newborn stage is the hardest for me, but (spoiler alert!), number three will be the last, so I want to embrace it and enjoy it. 

Lane and I are headed to Bend for the weekend without the kiddos. It is the first time I will leave Eleanor over night, and we will be gone for two nights. I am a little nervous, but I need this retreat so badly after the last couple months have been so rough (maybe more on that later, but it would be kind of a downer post).
Have a fabulous weekend everyone and thanks for reading our little blog!Love,Ashley

PS If you are interested, here are my answers to the same questions from my old blog, posted a little less than two years ago when I was twelve weeks along with Elle:

Q: Was this one planned?A: Um, yes. 
Q: When are you due?A: They say November 24th; but we all know how babies are, so probably more like December 1st. I am 12 weeks now.
Q: What is it?A: It's a baby! We won't find out the gender until around early July. And, yes, we are definitely finding out. 
Q: How are you feeling?A: Much better, thank you. I was miserably nauseous from about 5 to 9 weeks. And dizzy. And did I mention the nausea?
Q: Are you having any cravings?A: Oh yeah. Mostly salty. As in, buying cases of black olives from Costco. I've also craved some downright bizarre stuff that the thought of now makes me want to puke. For some reason or another, pregnancy has made me even more sensitive to dairy. Also, meat is totally unappealing. So, we have kind of gone vegan, which Lane loves, of course (cough, ha). I still can't give up butter, though. (side note: the other day I was feeling a little down about the semi-vegan-ness because I really like cheese, and then I realized vegans can eat peanut butter and jelly. Hooray!)
Q: Are you showing yet?A: Yes! So much earlier than I ever did with James. I even feel like I beginning the mom-waddle a little. Or maybe it's all the olives I've been eating.
Q: How does James feel about all of it?A: He is still trying to figure it out. He says things like "Baby, Mama tum!" Which means there is a baby in my stomach. He lifts up my shirt and looks for it sometimes. We have explained to him that the baby (and Mama's tum) is going to grow big, and then it will come out and live with us. He is a bit confused about this part. I don't blame him. It still baffles me.

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