October 20, 2016

loving lately :: kid stuff

There are many products, foods, and toys I have come to appreciate over the years of having kids, and I go through different phases with what I like and what the kids are into. Here are some of my current favorites:

Duplos These huge legos are perfect for building all kinds of structures, and even little ones like Judah can use them. The kids have been so into them lately that I keep a big basket of them on our fireplace and it is usually the first toy that gets pulled out in the morning. We all sit around the pile of Duplos and build together- so much fun! I am asking for more for Christmas.

Think Baby shampoo I just discovered this product a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! It is free of parabens and other harmful chemicals while still being tear-free. Also, it makes my kids' hair smell like some sort of delicious tropical fruit smoothie.

Kirkland Signature's organic applesauce packets Oh my heavens, do my children love applesauce! It was one of Judah's first words ("appy-sauce!) and it is by far his most requested food. He even had an applesauce cake for his birthday this year. These packets are perfect for on the go- I can just grab them and throw them into my bag without worrying about them spilling or the kids needing a spoon. Also, the kids can have them while they are out playing somewhere because I don't feel like they must wash hands before eating one of these.

Seventh Generation diapers Okay, seriously, how cute are these?! They are just adorable on Judah's little bum (and he runs around the house in a shirt and diaper quite a bit) and they are also free of chlorine bleaching and fragrances, which gives me less guilt about not using cloth diapers so much anymore, ha.

Jelly beans Although I am not super into sugar and candy for my kiddos (our style of dessert is going out to fro-yo or making cookies together every so often), I have realized the power that jelly beans (I think these ones are Trader Joe's brand) can hold. On special occasions when we are out and about and I know they will need a little extra coaxing towards the end (i.e. trying to finish up the last exhibits and leave the Zoo) I carry a little bag of these magic beans in my pocket and reward the kids for good behavior when everyone is getting tired and cranky ("Everyone gets a bean when we reach the gate to leave the Zoo!" "Everyone gets two beans when we are in the car and buckled up!").

These are few of my favorite kid things lately- what are yours?

Also, this post is not sponsored by any company, but I would be happy to take a check if they want to sponsor me!

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