October 04, 2013

happy weekend

 Happy weekend, everyone!

It is such an amazingly beautiful fall day! We have already been to the park once today and are fully intending to return later this afternoon.

James woke up requesting waffles, so I revisited an old recipe that has been getting quite a lot of attention on Pinterest, funny enough.

They were awfully delicious, but took a little longer than average waffles when we made them in our Belgium waffle-maker (probably due to the high liquid content).

This afternoon my mom and her boyfriend are coming over to help finish painting the basement (finally). My mom and I have been planning on cooking an epic dinner, so we will see how that goes while we paint a large room and entertain a baby and three year old boy.

Tomorrow, the farmer's market again, and then soaking up more sunshine!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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