October 17, 2016

pun-ka-nin patch

 Yesterday we went to the pun-ka-nin patch (as Elle calls it).

The patch is about a five minute drive from our house, which is one thing we love about living where we do- farmland is not far away! This patch had a bunch of fun stuff to do, which we enjoyed despite the fact that everything was soaked.

There was a very short hay maze (this was Judah's favorite):

James was in heaven practicing his lassoing skills:

There were even some donkeys and floppy-eared goats to check out:

We forgot it was a check/cash-only stand (we usually frequent another nearby stand for our produce), so we only picked out a couple small pumpkins to paint, but we will be back later in the week to play and get some big ol' carving pumpkins!

Happy autumn friends!

PS- a couple year ago- adjusting to life with three kids
five years ago- a comfort-food snack

(another) PS- Judah calls them "punkies" and talks about the "punky pass" all the time, sweet little guy

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