October 08, 2016

bedtime songs

As a child, my mom always sang to me when she tucked me into bed. I remember when she was out of town for work, she even recorded songs for me to listen to on my tape player (yes, tape player, because I'm old).

As a mom, it seems totally natural for me to sing to my own kids as I tuck them in (and lay with Elle while she plays with my hair- kind of sweet, but when will this end?!).

I sing them "The Little Drummer Boy" (which they just call "Pa rump") because that is what my mom used to sing to me. I also sing "Silent Night", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "How Great Thou Art", "The Way You Look Tonight", and a bird-themed version of "Twinkle, Twinkle" that is from a book James was obsessed with when he was younger and I would lay with him for an hour every night before sneaking out of his room. At Christmas time I add pretty much every single Christmas song to my repertoire. I don't know how these particular songs became "the ones", but they are until I memorize something else I can sing that is extremely slow pace.

What songs do you sing your kids? What songs were sung to you when you were a child?

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