September 02, 2014

september meal plan

I have decided to break the silence with a really exciting post: what we are eating this month!!!

This may have been interesting if all breakfasts didn't have to be made quickly, lunches were less kid-foodish, and dinners were not all super simple meals that can be made with all Costco purchases (I am so not into running around to a million different grocery stores these days), but these are all the things my meal plan this month needed to be. James starts preschool and awanas next week and I pretty much have to deep clean and organize the whole house before the baby comes while still soaking up quality time with my two current kiddos. Basically, I needed to have meals all decided for the month and I needed them to be easy. I figured I would post the plan in case anyone else is in the same boat.

So, here it is (albeit three days late)...

As you can see, I already have quite a few freezer meals planned to make ahead for baby time. Any suggestions for other meals that freeze well and can be thrown together quickly?

Thanks for reading and happy meal planning!

PS if you can't view the menu well and would like the Word doc sent to you, or have any questions about recipes, you can always write in the comments or email me at