May 13, 2012

a mother's day announcement...

"Platform shoes on table tops, I think I'm gonna be a ladyOpinions flyin' right and left, I think I'm gonna tell them maybeThey're puttin' out too many phonograph records
I think I'm gonna have a baby."-Carly Simon, Hotcakes album

Yes, folks, it's true. James is going to be a big brother. Lane and I are going to be "Mama" and "Dada" to another little munchkin. Whoa.

To catch you up to speed, here are some FAQ's:
Q: Was this one planned? A: um, yes
Q: When are you due?A: They say November 24th; but we all know how babies are, so probably more like December 1st. I am 12 weeks now.
Q: What is it?A: It's a baby! We won't find out the gender until around early July. And, yes, we are definitely finding out. 

Q: How are you feeling?A: Much better, thank you. I was miserably nauseous from about 5 to 9 weeks. And dizzy. And did I mention the nausea?
Q: Are you having any cravings?A: Oh yeah. Mostly salty. As in, buying cases of black olives from Costco. I've also craved some downright bizarre stuff that the thought of now makes me want to puke. For some reason or another, pregnancy has made me even more sensitive to dairy. Also, meat is totally unappealing. So, we have kind of gone vegan, which Lane loves, of course (cough, ha). I still can't give up butter, though. (side note: the other day I was feeling a little down about the semi-vegan-ness because I really like cheese, and then I realized vegans can eat peanut butter and jelly. Hooray!)
Q: Are you showing yet?A: Yes! So much earlier than I ever did with James. I even feel like I beginning the mom-waddle a little. Or maybe it's all the olives I've been eating.

Q: How does James feel about all of it?A: He is still trying to figure it out. He says things like "Baby, Mama tum!" Which means there is a baby in my stomach. He lifts up my shirt and looks for it sometimes. We have explained to him that the baby (and Mama's tum) is going to grow big, and then it will come out and live with us. He is a bit confused about this part. I don't blame him. It still baffles me.

So happy Mother's Day to all you moms, including those with "baby in tum."


  1. Ah. Uncle mal and aunt yiss can't wait to meet the baby. We love you guys. Happy mother's day, your kids are so lucky to have such an amazing mom!

  2. ahhhhhh so exciting!! what a great announcement! I'm so happy for you three (four)!!!! happy mother's day :)

  3. Did you get glasses? I'm so excited for you guys. Your kids are so luck to have such a wonderful mother! Love you pal:)

  4. Awesome! So glad to find your blog as well because I love getting new, healthy, and homemade recipes. We are trying to go mainly vegetarian and avoid processed foods.

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