February 19, 2019

that one blog i dumped + why i blog

Well, I've successfully done another long awkward blog silence. I would blame it on the four kids, or homeschooling, or any other such thing... but really, I just haven't made it a priority.

Which is just silly because my kids LOVE to read old blog posts about themselves, so I really should write posts more consistently, because heaven knows I could Never keep up with a baby book!

 *hold on, I have to go change a messy diaper*

Okay, I'm back.
*Nope. Have to go do a history lesson.*

Anywho, as I was saying... Wait. What was I saying?
Oh yeah, the blog.
So, I used to read this one very popular blog that was a mom blogging about her beautiful life.
Her winsome photos were filled with natural light, flowers, her gorgeous children and perfect hair, and a house decorated in all manner of boho neutrals that looked straight out of a magazine (surely she must have something offensively colorful and plastic somewhere in her home, right?)
I'm not sure why I read it when I did (I think I was up nursing someone a lot at night, and I realized that if I read things on my glowing phone it would keep me from nodding off), but I did enjoy all the pretty pictures for a while.

Until one day, when I read a post in which she explained how "the letting go" in parenting is difficult, and everything else is easy.

Then I dropped that blog like a hot potato.
*'Scuse me. The baby just woke up from some people (ahem, her siblings) yelling outside her bedroom door.*

Aaaaaand, I'm back.
Anyway, as a result, I ceased to read the blog because I was so disappointed with the dishonesty. Parenting is not ALL easy, and I didn't feel like I could really trust her words after reading that statement. I also feel like it put a wall between her and all her readers who are most likely normal people (like me) who, in fact, know how difficult parenting can be.
But it made me think about this blog. It is most definitely not a blog to air all my dirty laundry, but I also feel that honesty is important, mostly because the people who will be reading these posts in the future will be my children.

I ran into a gal the other day who I don't know too well, and she mentioned that she had been reading my blog. (Whaaaaa? Other people read my blog beside my mother-in-law and myself?) Therefore, I hope that if anyone stumbles upon my silly little rambles they will find some humor, a good recipe to try, or, better yet, some encouragement.

I am resolving now: I will make time to blog at least once a week!

(Despite homeschooling, caring for four little kiddos, hosting community group, being involved in a business networking group, Monday school, karate, gymnastics, baseball coming up.... *gulp*)

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading friends!!!

PS apparently this happened to me around this time six years ago