April 10, 2016

miss jenny

I was out of the habit of blogging for so long that I forgot to tell you about the newest addition to our family!

... Nope, not pregnant... But we have a wonderful roomie!

She has been living with us since the beginning of November and we absolutely adore her.

Jenny loves our kids and we always say that they like her better than they like us. She watches them for us and also takes them on special dates, which they can't get enough of.

This evening she took James to dinner, frozen yogurt, and a play.

She reads with them, does art with them, runs around chasing them and dancing with them. She also seems to miraculously know when I need help right before dinner time, and always appears to entertain the kids while I throw the meal together.

Additionally, we have had so much fun getting to know each other better and we have become really close. Jenny is the type of person who genuinely puts other people before herself. She will do anything for a friend and puts her whole self into the people and things to which she is committed. Jenny lives each moment fully- with enthusiasm and a smile on her face. I am so impressed by her on a daily basis; she inspires me to be better.

Also, she is the Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler.

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