March 27, 2014

the cure for morning sickness

Of my three pregnancies, this one has been the worst morning sickness by far.

I am grateful that I don't get "the pukes" like so many of my mommy pals, but I do get the all-day-nausea, nothing-sounds-good-to-eat, I'm-so-dizzy-I-have-to-lie-down kind of sickness. It is miserable.

I really wanted to combat the morning sickness this time around since I am also chasing after two young kiddos all day. The idea of lying on the couch moaning sounded much less appealing than being active with them. Here are the remedies that were suggested to me, all of which I tried:

1. Magnesium chloride spray  This was suggested to me in August by a friend who was pregnant with her third. She had started using it long before her pregnancy, and claimed that her nausea was practically nothing compared with her first two. I am usually not into strange remedies like this, but if you told me it could cure morning sickness and that I had to inject it between my fingers, I would do it. So, I ordered some and started using it daily months before my pregnancy. Who knows, maybe it did work and I would actually be puking my guts out right now if I hadn't started using it. But my guess is that, in reality, the spray did not work for me.

2. Coconut water   I read somewhere that the potassium in coconut water is supposed to help, and that the refreshing taste is comforting while you are feeling sick. So one morning, in the middle of the worst of the sickness, I woke up and poured myself a glass and took a swig. Unfortunately, the consistency (it seems like it should be watery, but is actually slightly thicker) made me instantly gag. The rest of the carton was added to smoothies.

3. Lemon   The smell and taste of lemon is supposed to help reduce nausea during pregnancy (or so I read somewhere online- maybe Baby Center?). I think it does help, and I am constantly squeezing them into my water and sniffing at them while in the kitchen. Lemons were especially helpful to have around when I was preparing food for my family that made me want to hurl. I could sniff a lemon and feel a sense of temporary relief.

4. Ginger tea and chews    My OB suggested that I use ginger to stave off the nausea. I think these products helped the most as I was coming out of the worst weeks of the sickness. During the time I was feeling the crummiest I don't think I could have stomached the chews and I couldn't handle anything hot like tea. They are helpful to have around now in case the nausea hits.

Truthfully, what has helped me the most, and continues to be the most helpful, is something I try to do daily anyway: to get outside. There is something about the fresh air and movement that gives me energy and makes me feel a bit healthier. It isn't always easy when you are exhausted and trying your darndest not to ralph. It is made more difficult when you have to convince two little people to pull themselves away from their toys and get all their rain gear on. But it is worth it.

The other thing that helps is to get sleep. This is a hard one for me because my kids are not big sleepers. Once they do go to bed, I have to tell myself to not clean the house or do dishes or ironing at night. Instead, I have to let it all go and just go to bed. This may also mean less blogging, but it must be done.

So, what has worked or not worked for you? Have you tried any crazy remedies to relieve your morning sickness? I am still not completely back to normal and would love to know what has worked for you!

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