March 20, 2014

inexpensive chocolate taste test

I am in the 99.9% of women who love chocolate.

But, I'm a little picky. Milk chocolate is a waste of sugar in my opinion, my true love is dark chocolate. However, I am not particular about brand. I love some good cheap chocolate. My favorites are Trader Joe's and Ikea (yep) chocolate.

I wasn't sure which I liked better, so I decided a side-by-side comparison was necessary.
The TJ's chocolate is creamier, with a slightly more mellow chocolate flavor. The cocoa flavor shines through even more in the Choklad Mork (the Ikea) chocolate, but it is less creamy. James said he liked the Ikea stuff better.

I can't decide. I suggest doing what I did: buy both and eat both.

Are you a chocolate lover? What is your favorite chocolate? Is there a brand of dark chocolate you know of that I should try?

Happy first day of Spring! Hooray!

PS stay tuned tomorrow for a VIP- very important post... Thanks for reading!

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