March 07, 2014

simple spring centerpice: a kid craft

For the times you need a floral, springy centerpiece for your table, but no one has brought you fresh flowers...

This little centerpiece used only simple materials (as all my kid crafts do).
First, James filled a piece of white paper with watercolors (is this sounding a bit familiar?) and then he cut flower bud shapes out of the paper. Next, he cut leaf shapes out of a piece of green paper. Then, we simply taped them to a branch that we was free of charge from our back yard (sounding familiar again?)

VoilĂ : a bright and cheery work of art for your table on a gray day.

Wouldn't this make a fun Easter centerpiece if you created several branches, or even mixed them together with real budding branches?

Happy thirteen-days-'til-spring,

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