March 24, 2014

one word check-in

In January, instead of the typical resolution, I decided to choose a single word to frame my 2014. I chose present: the idea of being all there in each moment, not dwelling on the mistakes of the past or the uncertainties of the future. I thought it might be time to check in on how it's going!

To be honest, it's sometimes a struggle. I can become lonely at home and grab the phone to check in with the outside world instead of playing with Pete. I get bored with the stay-at-home-mama routine and dream up big things to tackle (and then tackle them... because that's how I roll). I wish for the days when Peter can x, y, or z so life will be simpler (ha!). 

Even more lately, as our future after this summer is completely up in the air and it is beginning to weigh on me, I wish for the next thing; for the apartment with two bedrooms, being close to family, or in a far away new place. I dream of a dishwasher or a ground level front door so I don't have to lug the car seat up one. more. stair. I spend hours on the iPad finding a job for Nate, or a place to live in a city we don't even know we are moving to. I become emotionally and spiritually in the future instead of right here, enjoying this day as the Lord has made it- tiny apartment, frustrated pre-crawling baby, tight budgets and all. 

Some days, though, are better and I do remember that these baby days with Peter, and our lovely life in Vancouver, are fleeting. I remember to take advantage of our proximity to the amazing sights of Vancouver and go for a long walk to soak it in with my precious boy. I call up my girl friends and arrange a coffee date, or even just a tandem grocery shopping trip.  I get on the floor and stack cups with a giggling boy instead of tending to the laundry. I hope these days outnumber the others, but I am a work in progress as always. 

Did you choose one word for 2014? How is it going? 

Here's to being in the moment,

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