March 13, 2014

adventure day in the pearl

Last Friday, my mom, the kiddos, and I had an adventure day in the Pearl

Our first stop was the children's section of Powell's, where we sat at the tiny tables and read new and used books for at least an hour. I love kids' books and could have stayed there all day. But we continued on our adventure with a stack of new books, including a couple of Robert McCloskey's which have the sweetest illustrations.

We meandered down the streets (stopping to view a construction sight and to peek in shop windows), and played around at Jamison Square.

Then we headed down to The Fields Neighborhood park, where we discovered a huge sandbox that we were not prepared for (no shovels or buckets, blast!) and a fun climbing structure with a slide.

We also had fun just running around and exploring.

All that adventuring famished us, so we re-fueled at Lovejoy Bakers, which I have been dying to try for over a year.It did not fail my expectations.
The kids and I split a bran muffin and the egg salad tartine.

For dessert, my mom ordered a carrot cake, which everyone seemed to want. This worked in my favor because I pretty much had the vanilla bean cheese danish all to myself. Heaven.

Here are few pictures that my mom snapped on her phone. (Proof that I was there!)

It was such a fun day, definitely one that we will have to repeat in the future. As the weather gets nicer (thankfully!) I am going to try to do more adventure days in and around Portland. I already have so many places and activities in mind...

Any suggestions?
Any places that you would like to go for an adventure day with your kids but are not sure what to do?
I would love to know, so leave it in the comments please!

Thanks for reading, and happy adventures!

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