February 27, 2014

and the cars go...

I enjoy going to the library with my kids on an almost weekly basis. The trip gets us out of the house and we borrow new books to add to our reading rotation.

Lately these library visits have been getting a bit more difficult due to Eleanor. She likes to run around and snatch books off of shelves, leaving James and I little time to peruse the isles together because I am chasing her and returning books to their places. Consequently, we have come home with some dud books- either boring, way too long, or just plain weird.

However, the other day I grabbed a book as we were headed toward the checkout, and it proved to be a winner. It is so fun to read out loud, with car noises and many different voices of characters. My favorite voice to read is the surfer dude, and James has been mimicking the voice as well.

The other night, as I was putting Eleanor to bed, I overheard Lane requesting to read the book to James. James obliged, of course, and after they were in bed Lane and I actually discussed how much we like the book.

The book is called "and the cars go..." by William Bee. If you have a little one to read to, I highly recommend checking this out at your local library. If you don't have a little one, check it out and just read it out loud to yourself!

What good read-out-loud kid books have you read lately?

Happy reading,

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