February 10, 2014

simple cupcake valentines (a kid craft)

This year, I decided to keep James' Valentines nice and easy.

(I could NOT get this picture to turn. Neither could my engineer husband. 
So, I guess... just turn your laptop? Or head sideways? Thanks for your cooperation.)

He started by using watercolors to fill a piece of white paper. Then, I traced half-dome shapes for him to cut out of the watercolor. He glued one dome onto each piece of blue card paper.
I cut the "cupcake papers" out of brown paper bags and he glued those in place. 

His favorite part, of course, was gluing the candy hearts as the "cupcake toppings". You could easily add more "toppings" of glitter or cupcake sprinkles using a little glue or modge podge.

I love how colorful and homemade they look. James was pleased with the way they turned out, and said that the watercolors really look like frosting. 

Happy five days 'til Valentine's Day!

PS a (sort of) tribal-looking Valentine kid craft and a Valentine DIY gift for your adventure buddy

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