February 25, 2014

bridal shower outfit

I had Lane snap this picture quickly on Saturday as I was running extremely late to my cousin's bridal shower (please ignore the tupperware of play food in the background, the disheveled, wet hair, etc). 

As I stood and "posed" for the picture, I asked myself "Why do I do these outfit posts?" and I realized you may be wondering the same thing.

boat neck shirt- Old Navy (from a decade ago)
jean jacket- American Eagle (from highschool?)
skirt- thrifted
awesome bag- France (gift from Katie!)
necklace- Uganda (gift from another friend)
(also wearing black tights and flats)

After some soul searching (not really, just thinking), I came up with several reasons we do this. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat, so here they are:

1. I am a stay-at-home mom- It's true, some days I don't leave the house... or really get dressed. I'll be honest, although I wish I put outfits like the one above together for library story time or a park play date, I do not. I am more likely to be wearing jeans and flannel, or running pants. So, when I do put a little more thought into my outfit, I would like to document it.

2. I, like my children, don't have a huge wardrobe- I probably have more clothes than I need, but most of my clothes have been given to me, are second hand, really old, super cheap, or all four. I actually find it fun, and a bit of a challenge, to put an outfit together using what I have rather than going out and buying something new. Having a personal style doesn't mean you have to spend a bunch of money on clothing.

3. This is a girly outlet- I am at the stage in life where I don't have enough to time or energy to paint my toenails or even blow-dry my hair (as evidenced above), so it is nice to talk about clothes and feel a little bit like a girl.

As I was driving to the shower, it hit me- is it taboo to wear black to a bridal shower? The wedding is next month and I was going to wear a black dress with pops of color- is that kosher? I so don't know these things, please clue me in if you are style-savvy!


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