February 11, 2014

february ten on ten :: ashley

We have been snowed in since Thursday. It has provided some good stay-at-home time, and made me so grateful for our warm house when it is freezing and icy outside.

Yesterday morning, someone woke up in a great mood:

James and Eleanor took a tub together, which was surprisingly successful:

The last of the ice was melting off all the branches. It was so beautiful:

We have been playing a lot of board games:

Giving the girl a piggy back, and attempting to take a photo in the mirror:

Making thumb print cookies:

I've been so grateful for these boots over the last couple days. They look like they are staring out the window, hoping for another adventure:

These curls:

Finished product of our baking project:

Thai chicken soup and salad with ginger dressing... not bad for being at the end of the grocery supply:

So much ordinary, and so much beauty.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Thai Chicken Soup is one of our family's favourites -so nourishing and so yummy! And those baby curls- adorable.

  2. The soup was so good and so easy- I just put precooked shredded chicken breast, chicken broth, red curry paste, and coconut milk in the slow cooker.. done!... Thanks for stopping by, Breanne!