April 24, 2016

the goslings!

Guys, I totally forgot to post pictures from last week of the goslings!

We were out on our back deck one morning admiring the pond and we looked down and spotted seven fuzzy yellow little blobs waddling around next to Mr and Mrs Goose.

On our way to the park I brought my "real camera" and snapped a bunch of pictures.

The kids know pretty well not to run right up to the geese, but Judah stepped dangerously close and daddy Goose started hissing at him. Hilariously, Judah hissed right back.

It was obvious as they got into the water that there is a little runt of the flock:

Come on little buddy! You can do it!

Whew! Then he made it!

PS the goslings one year ago , two years ago and three years ago!!!

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