April 04, 2016

powell butte nature park

Yesterday, we went for a family hike at Powell Butte Nature Park, which, we discovered, is about ten minutes from our house. How we have lived here for almost four years and not explored this little gem, I have no idea.


It hardly felt like we were within the city limits as we walked up the hill and enjoyed the views.

 (Above: that's my life right there. Thank you Jesus.)

Before we arrived, we were afraid our kids might not make it to the summit, but the elevation gain from the parking lot is not significant, and the trails slop up very gradually. It was the perfect little loop for the older two, although by the end Eleanor was (apparently): hungry, had to go potty, and wanted to go bed.

She made it back to the car just fine and even became distracted from her supposed discomfort climbing around near the visitor center.

If you are on the East side, I highly recommend taking a walk up the butte. And, for entertainment purposes, definitely bring small children with you.

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