April 11, 2016

eleven on eleven: a ten on ten fail

I thought about ten on ten all day yesterday. I even had a reminder in my phone. I was confident I would do it...

But then, I didn't.

I kind of attempted- there was a blurry picture on my phone from grocery shopping, a few random pictures of my kids wrestling that were captured on the "nice camera" before the battery went dead, and then a few more too-dark pictures of the baby taken on my phone. But, overall, I failed.

So, Rebekah, please forgive my pathetic attempt to make up for it today...


  1. You have done well! It doesn't really matter what day you end up doing it - this is a nice snap shot into your day & your dinner(?) looks delicious :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Leanne! And, yes, dining on the back deck in the sunshine called for a big yummy salad for dinner!