April 03, 2016

catching up (from a month ago)

I took pictures today that I wanted to post, but first need to post the pictures I meant to post about a month ago (right after Mexico). Yikes.

Nothing extraordinary about these pictures, just my wonderful life...

First these pictures, in which we were just adventuring around the pond and feeding the ducks on what we thought was an unusually gorgeous day for spring time in Oregon (until this week, which has been unseasonably warm and sunny for Oregon, but more on that later)...



It was even warm enough to grill out on the back deck! (In the pouring rain.)


James face is blocked by smoke from the grill in the above picture, but don't worry! I took the picture below because he is just so darn cute:

(He has had a hair cut since then and no longer looks like one of the Beatles. The little one got his hair cut as well.)

Then the weather turned gray again, which really bummed out the kids and I since we had just bought a bunch of new sand toys at Costco. So we busted out the indoor sand! (I'm still not sure how it is different from regular sand, except- according to the package- you really should NOT eat it. Unlike regular sand, which you just probably shouldn't eat. It was equally as messy to clean up, however.)

More posts coming soon! (Hopefully!)

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