January 07, 2014

the oregon coast + my uniform

Last week we got away to the coast for a few days with Lane's family. The weather was cold, but beautiful.

One afternoon we decided to take James on a "special adventure" since poor baby Elle had the flu while we were there. Our original idea was the Hatfield Marine Center, but they had closed early so we enjoyed the views from the harbor at Newport and ate sour taffy instead.

I also had Lane snap a couple quick pictures so I could write my first official style post. 

(Let me be clear: these are not fashion posts I will be doing, by any stretch of the imagination. These are style posts. After all, who knows my style better than I do?)

As previously mentioned, my uniform is jeans and a plaid shirt. I am going to try to branch out, which is part of the goal of the style posts. Also, I think they are just plain fun and I enjoy reading them on other people's blogs- so I figure: this is my blog, why not?

sweater: hand-me-down from my mom
plaid shirt: thrift shop
t-shirt: threads for thought
jeans: old navy (therefore, they only reach to about mid-calf)
boots: thrift shop (cha-ching!)

What's your uniform?

Thanks for reading!

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