January 09, 2014

feta + sweet potato + black bean quesadillas

In Katie's post yesterday (featuring a delicious chili recipe) she mentioned that her husband doesn't like sweet potatoes. Maybe it's just a husband thing, because neither does mine. Sad times.

You would think that would stop me from buying fifteen pound bags of them at Costco.

Think again.

My kids and I eat them for lunch at least three days a week. I like to cook them in the microwave (scrub, poke holes with a fork, cover with paper towel, cook on high for six minutes, flip half way through) so that they are soft, but not mushy. Then we cut them in half, top with olive oil, salt, and parmesan, and dig in.

I made this quesadilla with half of a left over cooked potato, a handful of black beans, a sprinkling of feta, and a dash of cumin (hope you didn't think you were getting a real recipe with, like, amounts). I grilled it in a little butter.

It would also be great with a pinch of chili powder or some red onions for crunch.

(Above photo: "I'm going to thieve it from you, Mommy!" He did.)


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