January 03, 2014

diy canvas dish towel wall art

So, here's a strange confession of a blogger: I've never liked the term "DIY". In all honesty, it's always kind of bummed me out. I just feel like it implies that you have to be super crafty, and that the project is going to take a lot of work.

But! I have decided to embrace the term and make it to mean what I would like, which is this: a cheap way to make something instead of buy it, that is actually surprisingly easy. I believe this definition fits well for the "DIY project" I am telling you about today.

To make it, simply stretch a dish towel (or piece of fabric, or whatever else you would like) over a canvas, as tight as you can fit it. Then, use a staple gun to secure it. Done.

I used a dish towel from New Seasons that I was originally going to make into a pillow. Then I remembered that I can't sew and it became wall art, which I love so it all worked out in the end.

What dish towel or fabric would you use?

Happy do-it-yourself-ing!

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