January 14, 2014

diy map frame

 My mom has always had a sweet tradition of giving great gifts on Valentine's Day. I would also like to be the type of person who does this.

Additionally, I would like my gifts to be meaningful and homemade. Not sure if this dream will ever be fulfilled in this lifetime, but it has gotten me thinking about all kinds of personal, inexpensive gifts to make.

One such gift is this map frame. Simply take a map (preferably of a special place you have been with your loved one), and cut it to fit the frame. Then modge-podge it in place. I also used tape to secure it on the back.

Place a picture of your travels in the frame, and done.

Happy one month until Valentine's Day!


  1. Cute! I always love a DIY with a map

  2. Thanks Erika!... Your blog is great, I love your craft ideas! Can't wait to explore it more!