January 27, 2014

cupid's arrow: a slightly boho valentine craft

This year, when it came time to make James' annual hand print Valentine craft, I decided to do something a little different. What I wasn't expecting was something that turned out more, er, tribal.

Here's how it happened:

We started with a long stick to form the base for the arrow because sticks are cool-looking and free, just walk outside (I do love a good craft that includes supplies from the great outdoors). Then I took double-sided tape and taped on a bunch of feathers. I was highly tempted to collect these outdoors (you may remember we have a duck pond behind our house), but the hand-sanitizer-carrying mother in me told me not to, so I bought a bag from the craft store.  I probably could have gotten away with using regular tape to secure the feathers, but the double-sided stuff helped the twine that I wrapped around the tape stay put.

I then traced James' hands on brown paper that was folded over, so that when I cut it out and unfolded it, there were the two hand prints, forming the "arrow head". Then I traced and cut out a copy of the arrow head.

James painted both with different colors, and even added some glitter to one side. I secured them on the end of the stick using tape. 

Here he is with his cupid's arrow, looking very tribal with no shirt:

I may have him do another Valentine's craft this week, perhaps a bit more traditional, I'll keep you posted... (ha! posted! no pun intended)...

Happy 18 days 'til Valentine's day!

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