January 23, 2014

eleanor's girlie nursery

Like all the rooms in our house, Eleanor's room is constantly evolving and is still not complete. But I want to remember it just the way it is now, so I took some quick pictures last week and decided to share if you would like to see...

Although it's not a teeny nursery, Eleanor has the smallest bedroom in the house (she is the littlest person, after all). She still needs book shelves (the girl loves to read), curtains, and a window seat cushion, but, to me, more stuff just makes the room feel crowded.  

It is painted a really pretty shade of robins egg/ Tiffany blue, although these pictures don't do justice to the color. The close-up picture of the rocking chair probably best displays the true color.

Above her crib is art my mother-in-law made out of felt (so creative).

My mom made Eleanor's quilt with my old baby clothing that she kept, which is so special and way more useful than if she had handed me a box of 80's baby clothes and expected me to actually dress my child in them. (Yes, that patch does say "Thank heaven for little boys" and yes, my mom did dress me in it. Awesome.)

I found the lamb stitching at a garage sale. The grand-daughter of the stitcher was selling her grandmother's handiwork for a dollar a piece. But don't worry, I talked her up to three.

Above Eleanor's rocking chair are two box shelves that I also scored at a garage sale and painted. The shelf on the left holds a pair of Elle's shoes, a headband, and her newborn foot prints. The right shelf holds a special bunny mug from a very sweet friend (Eleanor will be drinking coffee out of it soon if she is anything like her mother), her newborn booties (a miracle we have them since at least one came off every time we left the house), and a tea set that is special to Lane's family but I am a bad daughter-in-law because I don't remember why.

On top of her changing table sits a yawning picture of her at seven days old (taken by Kaela Salaz). Above the changing table are an owl shelf and hooks from Ikea which hold her Burts Baby Bee products, headbands ("pretties"), hats, etc. I won the branch and bloom photos from a silent auction benefiting IJM.

This tapestry is also very special. It was brought back from Colombia just for Eleanor by my dad and my Colombian step-mom. They framed it and gave it to Elle for Christmas.

... and the window sill, full of toys, animals, and her over-flowing shoe basket.

It isn't perfect, and I have a few projects I am working on to add to the room, but I do love that it is bright, cozy, and girlie.

And, oh man, do I love the little girl that occupies it.

Thanks for taking a peek into my home,

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