March 11, 2013

house tour: James' room

We begin the official house tour with a post of the little man's room (pictured here in his "monsta" feetsie jammies).

We painted his room a bright sky blue (pictures don't do it justice), to help balance the bright red accents. His big boy bed and colorful animal print bedding are from Ikea. Next to his bed is a large basket stuffed to the brim with stuffed animals and puppets. On the wall above is an original painting by our good friend, Mallory, given to James long before he was even born.

On the other side of the room is his Ikea book shelf filled with books (duh), toys, puzzels, and musical instruments. On top of the shelves are his Ikea moon light and three woolly animals. The elephant and giraffe were made in the Himalayas and the zebra was made by a small Mexican woman in Yelapa.
Hanging above on the wall is a picture of James with his first birthday cupcake and notes from all the family members who were at the party.

His rocking chair might be my favorite thing in his room. I bought it for five dollars at a church rummage sale. It's kind of falling apart, but it adds a little vintage-y touch to the room.

The window seat cushion and the curtains were made by my mom. Unfortunately, Sadie is under the illusion we put the window seat there as her guard post station. She lays there about fifteen hours of the day and growls at threatening things in the street, like squirrels and leaves. Thus it is almost always covered in her fur. We kick her out on garbage pick-up days when James and I eat breakfast up there so we can watch the trucks go by. Ah, the life of a toddler.

Coming soon: my first recipe since this one... and a little Eleanor style.

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