March 22, 2013

happy weekend

This week we had a big delivery: a couch for our living room. Finally.

We have been living here the better part of a year and, up until now, just had a few chairs in our main living space. People would come over and often ask "So... where do you, like, sit?"
The truth is, we just sat on the ground most of the time. It makes the most sense with small children. But now that we have a couch I am starting to convince myself that life was miserable without one (much like the hot tub, actually).

I tried to explain to James ahead of time about the couch and all the space it would take up. He was concerned (and rightfully so) about where we would hold our elaborate dance parties and how would we still play hide-and-go-seek-chase-tag. I assured him we could always go downstairs to do these things, but I think he was a bit dubious.

We spent Monday and Tuesday taking full advantage of our large open space. This picture is of James and his little people who have just flown to India, gotten on a bus, and gone on safari.

They saw all your typical Indian safari animals: tigers, elephants, monkeys, camels. Then they got so tired from all the picture taking and oohing and aahing that they went to Costco for some frozen yogurt. Then they went to the aquarium which, apparently, is right next to India. 

Yes, it was hard to imagine a large sectional taking up most of the room, but once it was delivered it only took about five minutes to remove every cushion and build a huge crash pile and then use the frame of the couch as a jungle gym. (A good thing there is a life time warranty on the structure. We also bought the extended upholstery warranty since our oldest is only two and a half and I love to spill full mugs of coffee.)

James also learned to relax a little on the couch. We have been reading library books up there and one night he read his Little Kid National Geographic while Lane read his Portland Monthly. Pretty dang cute.

I hope to enjoy a little relax time on our couch this weekend.
And I hope you have a relaxing weekend as well.

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  1. Pal Jen- Seriously, I wish I could see life like he does! As far as the couch, I must figure out what the heck kind of decorating I'm doing in the living room, then one day I will post a picture... hopefully