March 26, 2013

eleanor's style

I know this post is about Eleanor, but I have to begin it with my own confession: I haven't bought her any clothes.

Okay, that's not entirely true. I did buy her some plain white onsies and a couple pairs of pj's (all of which she has already outgrown), and some clothes from a friend of mine (although she doesn't fit in most of those yet). But, for the most part, she has only worn clothes that people have given to me or hand-me-downs that I have received. I hold the same philosophy for her clothing that I do for James and my own: I would rather do a lot of laundry than have a lot of clothes. Especially since she grows out of everything about five minutes after I put her in it.

We have also shopped James' closet a little. The onsie in the picture above was found in James closet, but I don't remember him ever wearing it. (What a coincidence, she is wearing an "I heart NY" onsie and playing with brothers' wooden taxi cab. What are the odds?)

The adorable outfit above was one that I bought from a friend. It is a little big for her, but is so sweet and girly that I will have to take better pictures of her in it when it fits perfectly.

This dress is a hand-me-down. It probably doesn't fit anymore, so I had to document the one time I put her in it. Also, the over-sized bow just kills me.

Light pink cords on those chubby little legs... Does it get any cuter?

The above sweatshirt was Lane's when he was a baby. She wore it to the aquarium because it has a little whale on it (themed clothing: cool or completely nerdy?). I had to pair it with offensively pink leggings because I am trying to avoid at all costs ever hearing "Oh, what a sweet baby! How old is he?"
That was the first and last time she will ever wear the sweatshirt as it barely buttoned over her adorable barrel of a belly.

This sweatshirt also belonged to Lane when he was a baby. I love that it shows off those gorgeous blue eyes. (Can you tell that this is the only photo in this post that I took with my nice camera?)

Last, but certainly not least: Elle rockin' the bandanna bib. These are great because a. they can capture drool regardless of which direction the head is turned b. no dealing with rough velcro c. they are stinkin' cute. I must purchase more of these...

So there you have it. A quick run-through of Eleanor's style. Most days, however, she dresses just like her mom: casual top and comfy leggings.

If you are a mom of a girl: How do you dress your daughter?
If you aren't: How do you think you would dress her?

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  1. Oh Eleanor, you sure a cutie. We bought that I Love NY onsie, James probably didn't wear it because he was too big!:) Thanks for posting so many pictures, I love seeing those kiddos!

  2. Oh, thaaaat's where it came from. I couldn't remember. I didn't think I bought it since I was in Manhattan long before I was thinking of onsies! Thanks, it's super-cute!

  3. I like putting Aberly in girly stuff, I'll admit, but I think it to be bold and bright. Not all the pastel stuff, but that is easier to find when they get bigger. Although it is coming into fad lately, and I've noticed more and more tiny baby stuff in those colors. Lots of leggings/tight shorts, and tunic tops or t-shirts.