March 28, 2013

baby shower gift guide

Does everyone else have about sixty five pregnant friends who are all due in the next four months? Well, I do, so I have been thinking about gifts lately. Here is my opinionated opinion of which gifts to give to the Mama-to-be. I hope it is helpful.

Here is my first rule about baby shower gifts: throw out the registry. (Better yet, save a tree and never print it out... Is it just me or do they take up an unnecessary amount of paper?)

I totally understand why people use them, but I don't like them. I went to a shower a couple weeks ago for a friend who is having a boy and already has a girl. I told myself I had to use the registry. After all, the mother knows what she needs much better than I do, duh. So I went to Target, printed out the thing, and then attempted to decode what was on it. I couldn't seem to match the numbers up with any of the actual items on the shelves and, although I am well aware that there are aisle numbers listed, nothing seemed to be where it should have been. I could have called over a "sales associate" (what does that term mean, anyway?) to interpret the encoded labels and numbers, but I knew that would take longer than it was worth and I had both kids with me.
I ended up buying some stuff that seemed similar to what was on the list. But I was not happy with my purchase at all. I wish I had just gone my usual route, which is this: buy something for the mother. I mean, the kid is getting enough anyway. The baby will be fine without one more onsie or pair of socks. The mother, however, really could use a massage. Which brings me to number one on my list:

1. a massage gift certificate. Preferably at some place you know and trust, and not one of those chain places. If you are not sure if the gal likes massages (some completely insane people do not) you can always get a gift card for a spa that also does facials and pedicures.

2. yummy oils or lotions. I am not talking about those generic gift packs found at Ross. I mean the good stuff. I love Burt's Bees Mama Bee line.

3. a night/day/hour out. This is for the gal who is already a mom. She could use a break. Give her the gift of your time via babysitting for a date night, day to herself, or even a couple hours (so she can go get that massage).

4. this book. She could use a good laugh after that baby comes and her emotions go haywire.

If you must get something for the baby, I suggest purchasing something that the mom may not buy, so it still feels like a splurge. Like Burt's Bees Baby Bee line, or Sophie.

As for the gifts that are actually on the registry (you know, the practical ones), I say let the other shower guests worry about those.

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