March 27, 2013

coconut encrusted french toast + cowboy hat easter baskets

Today it was supposed to be rainy and nasty. We had no plans, nothing to do, no where to go. But excitement must be made, right?

So we started the day with coconut encrusted french toast. I didn't even google it because I am sure there are a million recipes, but here's how I made ours:
Make the usual mixture of eggs and milk (or buttermilk, which is what I used).  Two eggs and a large sploosh of milk seems to be the right amount for three pieces of bread (I used ciabatta for James' toast and whole wheat for mine... guess whose was way better). Add vanilla, cinnamon, whatever you usually like. Heat your skillet to about medium. Melt some butter over it, then sprinkle it with coconut. Dunk the bread in the egg mixture, then lay it over the coconut. Sprinkle the up-facing side with coconut also. Cook as usual, making sure the egg gets fully cooked and the coconut gets nice and crusty. Serve with a light drizzle of real maple syrup and, if you're like our family, a pile of peanut butter for dipping. Enjoy!

After breakfast I decided I should spice up the day by giving James the Easter basket my mom (his Ya-ya) had left at our house for him. This was not your average Easter basket, however. My mom loves traditions, but can never, ever do them traditionally (she brought a lime-lemon grass rice dish to my first Thanksgiving with my in-laws). So the kid's Easter baskets were in cowboy hats.

 I set up a scavenger hunt for James with little clues all around the house. I was actually surprised how much he enjoyed it, and I think he was almost a little disappointed when it was over.

But he soon was tearing apart the "basket", playing with the toys and eating Easter egg gummies.

Eleanor received one as well with a little music box in it.

As for the day, well, it turned out exciting and sunny. Win-win.

Hats and toys from Finnegans, gummy treats from Trader Joe's

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