March 29, 2013

happy weekend

If you are doing some Easter entertaining this weekend (or not), I read a great tip in this blog post about arranging flowers and tried it. I bought a small bundle of daffodils from Traders Joe's for a $1.29. Then I added a little greenery from bushes in our front yard. I was so happy with the outcome. It looks like a springy, full bouquet.

It was one of those weeks in which nothing was planned, but we have been strangely busy. Lots of hanging out with friends and last minute park trips due to unexpected- but much needed- sunshine. Naps and
sleeping schedules have been all off, and James has been sleeping in some unconventional places...

Also, I was up at four in the morning one day taking pictures of the moon behind some cool cloud formations.

Maybe we will be better scheduled next week. Maybe.

Anyway, have a happy and blessed Easter weekend.

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