March 15, 2012

some chalkboard paint craftiness

It all happened very fast.

Yesterday a house came up on the rmls that our realtor sends to us each morning, and we thought "cute." By the evening, we had done a bit of research on the house and the surrounding area, and we decided we wanted to go take a look at it. I gave our realtor a call this morning. She said we could tour it on Lane's lunch break, but there were multiple offers on it by that point. It had been on the market only 24 hours, and that is how the market is in NE Portland right now. 

We saw it and decided to put an offer on it. Our fifth home offer, if you've been counting. I don't think we got it, and I have to admit that I'm getting a bit bummed out by our inability to find a home that will stay on the market long enough for us to purchase. So, to make myself feel better, I have been mentally decorating the house we don't have yet; finding inspiration, and making things.

Yesterday, it was chalkboard paint

First, I painted this frame, which was this awful brown wood and I decided very suddenly that I hated it and it must be painted. 

Also, I broke the glass in one of the picture frames above our key hooks. So, I wrapped the backing in wrapping paper and painted over the paper with chalkboard paint. I think it would be fun to decorate this little square with different kinds of wrapping paper depending on the occasion or holiday.

What do you decorate with chalkboard paint?

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