March 11, 2012

one rainy Sunday

Although we had a short blast of sunshine last week, there is much evidence that Spring has not yet arrived.

The sunny portion of Spring, anyway. The rainy portion has moved in to stay for, well, at least the next fifteen days. Luckily for our family, we know how to party despite the gray clouds.

This morning James helped make pancakes, then we had a musical parade. At one point Lane was drumming on a tin can, James was wildly beating two measuring cups together, and I was using my microplane sleeve as a trumpet, all as we ran circles at a dizzying pace around the table.

There is nothing quite like baking on a rainy day, so I made some crackers during nap time. I told you before how I had made these crackers once, but they were too greasy. I tried substituting half the butter for olive oil, and they turned out perfect. My only regret is that I made just one batch.

After nap (and much cracker munching) we pulled on our boots and our rain jackets and headed out to do some puddle jumping. We happen to have a puddle the size of a lake that forms each time it rains at the park down the street.

You can imagine what took place.

So, these are the simple and wonderful ways we spend our time... what does everyone else do on a rainy day?

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  1. He is getting so big!! And, while your day looks like a lot of fun (really), your post reminded me how much I don't miss the rain. Not at all. Not even a little bit :)