March 22, 2012

snowed in... or out?

When I woke up to pee and check on James at about three this morning I thought our neighbor had left his porch light on... why was it so bright outside? I peeked through the blinds and was surprised to see a blanket of white covering the ground. I crawled back in bed, with that giddy its-snowing-outside excitement.

When I woke up again at six I wasn't feeling so much enthusiasm. The opposite in fact. I felt tired, and I had cabin fever to the max, but the last thing I wanted to do was go outside which would be freezing and require energy. I decided that instead we would play inside a little and then go to play group at our local gym. I made the excuse that I was "snowed out" and ready for sunshine and warmer weather.

James and I got all bundled up and put on our jackets and boots to venture out to playgroup. I tried to herd him immediately into the car. No such luck. Instead, he wanted to run through the snow in our front yard and jump in the quickly-forming puddles. I indulged him a little, but continued my attempt at persuading him to hop into the car. He was not having it. Finally, I gave up.

We put on gloves and went for a walk, splashing in puddles and crunching the snow under our boots. Then we headed back home and played with Sadie in the back yard, threw snow up in the air, and made a little snow man.

When our toes and fingers started to get numb we shook the snow off our boots and went back inside where we made hot chocolate ("ca-ca" according to James) and drank it snuggling on the couch.

I was a bit confused this morning when I didn't feel like a kid at Christmas, as I usually do, about the snow. I thought that I was "snowed out," ready to ring in the sunshine and say goodbye to the cold weather. I had a whole plan for the day that avoided the snow. Thank God I have a little guy in my life who can change my attitude (and my plans) in an instant by showing me the excitement and adventure and wonder in the things I find annoying.

If you live in the fabulously soggy Portland area: how did you spend the snow day?
...and if you live in beautiful, sunny Cali (cough-Jen): how did you spend your sunny day?

P.S. to make your own hot chocolate, do not follow almost every recipe you will find online. They will tell you to use about a three to one sugar to cocoa ratio, when it should actually be the other way around. I used less than 1/4 cup sugar, about 1/2 cup cocoa, a pinch of salt, a couple cups milk and a couple cups water. Then you heat it slowly on the stove, whisking well. This makes three or four servings, and is deliciously chocolaty.


  1. haha. WELL. Let me tell you. I spent my foggy morning bundled up with coffee staring into nothingness out of my office window.. and now that the sun has finally peaked out of the clouds I'm about to go home and play with my new lens! But, really no matter the weather, I spend my days the same way, inside at a desk :) So, you've got me beat there.

  2. Wasn't the snow crazy!! We had 6" down here! It snowed all day long! I love snow, but am soooo ready for summer!