May 09, 2016

mother's day 2016 : all up in da hood

Yesterday, we spent another fabulous mother's day in Hood River.

We started out with Pine Street Bakery, of course.

Then we walked from the Bakery down to a school play ground and hung out there for awhile.


We finally bribed the kids to leave with the promise of fro-yo.

Then off to the play ground on the river where we played in the sand and water and all the fun play equipment.

We were so hungry and tired by the time we dragged ourselves across the street to Pfriem that I did not document all the amazing food and beer we consumed because I was too busy consuming it.

After dinner the kids had one last burst of energy, so we headed back to the park and played a bit more before getting the kids into pjs so they could pass out on the drive home.
Which they did.

It was such a perfect day.

PS the hood last mother's day, the hood the year before that, and a post from a year before that with pictures taken in the hood

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