June 02, 2015

mother's day 2015 :: in da hood

Warning: these photos taken with our tiny orange camera that is literally being held together with tape and is used more often by the kids than the adults. But, it fits in the front pocket of the Ergo, so for outings that I just can't carry around my nice camera, this is it. Also, the lens is irreversibly cloudy.

This year we spent Mother's Day (remember that? from almost a month ago) in Hood River.


We drove there after church, got coffee, and headed to the awesome playground near the river, where we ran into our friends and their three kiddos.

First attempt at a family photo with all five of us = unsuccessful. 

It was extremely windy, but we played for a few hours, then went across the street to the amazing brewery/restaurant, pFriem, and ate every ounce of delicious food they brought to our table.

After dinner we played a bit longer, then headed home and passed out into bed.


Hood River is so enjoyable, and there is a chance we may get to stay there again (in our favorite vacation home ever) for my birthday/Father's Day. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out!

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