May 05, 2016

elle's first haircut ever + exciting things

Yesterday, at almost three and a half years old, Eleanor received her first haircut.

I was a little nervous she would get up in the chair and freak out, as she tends to do in these sorts of situations, but she did awesome!


Actually, she did better than awesome. She ate up every minute of Mrs Aho (who she lovingly just calls "Aho") putting clips in her hair, trimming it, then styling it with a curling iron and braid. Elle was pretty much giddy with excitement over the girly-ness of it all.

Kaitlin is so great. She was so sweet with Elle, and even gifted her with a lolly pop and nail polish afterward for being so good.

Eleanor will most definitely look forward to her next visit!

PS the super exciting thing: I figured out how to merge this blog with my old one! So everything I have blogged since 2011 is now in one place, and I can do things like this:

PS- four years ago- a recipe

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