July 03, 2013

living sacrifices

I started this post well over a month ago (the pictures are from Mother's Day!). Yikes... 
warning: I mention breast pumping in this post, so if that grosses you out, consider yourself warned...

A while back I put Eleanor down for a nap and set up James with a snack and a show downstairs. The timer began, I had about thirty minutes to do something productive. I decided to attempt to pump (which has been pretty much unsuccessful with this baby) and read my Bible. I got myself all set up with pump and Bible on my bed. 

Just as I started the double pump (requiring both hands to hold each side on), Eleanor woke up.
"No big deal," I thought "I'll just bring her in next to me." I grabbed her out of her crib and set her next to me on the bed. Now I was down to just one side of the pump since I had to entertain her with my other hand.
I started the pump and held it on one side with one hand while shaking a toy for Elle with the other. I gave her the toy, flipped open my Bible, and was about to begin reading when I heard James walking up the stairs.

He came in the room and explained that he wasn't really interested in the show anymore. He started to climb up onto the bed and onto me. It was about at this point I realized that the pumping was not going to happen.
"I just need a quick Word from the Lord," I thought, "any sort of encouragement."
With a toddler climbing on my leg, breast pump in one hand and my other hand on the baby, I glanced down at my Bible. I was in Romans 12:

"Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God- this is your spiritual act of worship."

Oh, Lord, You have such a sense of humor!

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