December 05, 2013

glitter mason jar votives

I am an unabashedly huge fan of glitter. My go-to holiday nail polish is a bronze glitter which I adore. There is just something so festive about sparkles, especially at Christmas time!

Also, you will learn this about me soon if it is not clear already: I am not a very involved crafter. If I can learn it in a few steps, have most of the necessary items on hand, and can finish the project relatively quickly, I'm in. Otherwise, I'll let the truly crafty people have the opportunity to shine-- I'm generous like that. 

Thus, these glitter jars are perfect if you're anything like me! I finished six of them during one of my baby's crazy short naps, and they make the apartment gleam like it's a party every night. I sat with sweet Pete and we just stared at one for several minutes last night. Easy entertainment.

Here's how:

Jars- you choose how many and what size, plus a lid
Elmer's glue or Tacky glue
Paintbrush or sponge
Tea lights

Mix glue with one part water in a cup and pour a little bit into a jar. Roll it around, covering the bottom and sides with glue, using the brush to help. When the bottom and sides at coated evenly, pour in some glitter- just a tablespoon or so. Screw on the lid and shake, roll, dance- whatever you feel like doing to spread the glitter love all over that jar! Add more if necessary, or pour off and save any extra. Remove lid, allow to dry, then place a lighted tea light inside and gaze at the sparkly magic. Then vacuum.

Viva la sparkles! Katie

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