December 04, 2013

five gifts for your practical/frugal wife who's also a mom (okay, my wish list)

From Cup to Cup's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: We believe that gift-giving should be done out of joy and excitement for the holiday season, and out of love for the recipient of our gifts, rather than the obligatory consumerism that so often plagues this time of year. It is our genuine hope that this guide will be helpful in finding just the right present to bestow upon the special people in your life. 

1. reliable slippers (these from Land's End $39)
I actually owned these slippers at one point and wore them as, well, more than slippers. So they became a little worn down (as in holes in the bottom and too dirty to walk on carpeting). But I promise my next pair will only be worn as intended- in the house. And maybe just to grab the mail. Oh, and take out the trash. And just for quick trips to the store...

2. 2014 planner with lots of room to write lots of things for each day in big handwriting. (this one $13.49 on Amazon)
I need this because my handwriting looks like that of a ten-year-old boy and is just about as big. Also because I have to write absolutely everything down in one central location or I will forget to do things like shower.
I looked over a bunch of them, but some didn't have enough room to write all the important things I need to do (such as shower), others looked so complicated they most likely come with operating instructions, and others were too goal oriented, which I found to be just too much pressure. (Although the one pictured above does have "Do it all planner" printed on the cover, I figure I could just put a sticker over it. After all, it apparently comes with stickers!). This one seemed organized, but not overly elaborate, and also has tear-off pages for shopping lists, pockets, as well as "charming quotes start each week off in an upbeat fashion". Sold. 

latte love
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3. Coffee dates for your wife to go on with herself.
If you get her anything, get her this: buy twelve gift cards (one for each month) to her favorite coffee shop ($5-$10 a piece) and set up dates (write them in her new planner, see #2) for her to go on with herself. You will watch the kids or find someone else who will. Just make sure to have dates and times, otherwise it won't happen. Trust me, this will be a hit. I will come babysit for you myself if this gift doesn't bring tears to her eyes.

Pajama Bottoms

4. Pajamas. (these Boden on sale for $30.80... still too spendy for a cheapskate like me)
Oh, how I need PJ bottoms. I have started sleeping in leggings or warm-ups, which is a problem because I wake up and design my days' outfit around them so I don't have to change out of them and into real pants. Wow, TMI, but you probably now agree that I need some jammies.
Tri-Angle Curve Earrings – Bronze
5. Pretty everyday earrings. (these $40 from Upper Metal Class)
I actually have one of the earrings similar to these, but square. Yes, just one. The other was torn from my earlobe in the pool during a series of "jumps" James did, during which I was supposed to ensure he didn't drown. But I miss that little earring that matched everything I wore perfectly and received all sorts of compliments. I would love to have the triangle pair above, but the circles are quite pretty also. And even us practical/frugal/mom/wives like pretty things.

Happy wishing,

PS Will someone please email this to my husband?

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