December 17, 2013

five gifts for the hostess

From Cup to Cup's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: We believe that gift-giving should be done out of joy and excitement for the holiday season, and out of love for the recipient of our gifts, rather than the obligatory consumerism that so often plagues this time of year. It is our genuine hope that this guide will be helpful in finding just the right present to bestow upon the special people in your life. 

Growing up, my family was always invited to the most splendid Christmas Eve open house. The hosts were were caterers and vintners, meaning this party was completely centered around the kitchen. I looked forward to the warmth of their home, the incredible food, and conversations with people each year... and I secretly wished a cute boy would kiss me under the mistletoe!

Now that I'm a real grown-up (28 tomorrow- hello!) I am longing for the days that I can host a real Christmas open house, booze, hors d'oeurves, mistletoe and all, that no one really needs an invitation to because it is always on. For now, since we practically live in a shoebox, I'll have to content myself with hosting small gatherings and attending other people's parties.

So we don't all come empty-handed to these holiday functions we are all bound to attend at some point, I've put together a round-up of hostess gifts that I think any gal would love to receive.

Aveda Hand Relief, $22.50, for the very softest hands. It feels like velvet!

2014 Calendar Dishtowel, $36, because it's pretty and practical.

Handmade felt mistletoe, $21, because it's prettier than the real thing, and who doesn't love getting kissed?

Tiny triangle earrings, $12, to adorn her ears with geometry.

An ash wood cutting board, $20-$56, because how cool is that?

go make someone happy (and order quickly because it's almost Christmas!), Katie

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