September 25, 2013

Eleanor Grace is ten months old

 Eleanor (pictured here at OMSI yesterday) is ten months old today.

I know that I am supposed to say that I can't believe it. But truthfully, it has felt like ten months. At least.

She is such a joyful, giggly, beautiful baby. She is a light to our lives. But she doesn't really like to sleep. Like, at all. She does like to nurse. Like, all the time.

I know that she will start to sleep eventually (heck, James does now, and I never believed that would happen), and I would not trade the last ten months for anything, even if I won't remember them too clearly.

Here are some quick stats of things I want to remember. Then I'm going to bed:

weight: 22 lbs at 9 months (big girl, note thighs in the last picture)
favorite foods: refuses purees; loves chicken, string cheese, oatmeal, and fruit of all kinds
loves: dogs, dancing, Sophie the giraffe, the Tupperware drawer, fabric play tunnels, big brother, flushing toilets and pulling down toilet paper, eating
ticklish: everywhere, especially armpits and neck
sounds that have meaning: "Mama"; meaning: unknown (possibly "breast milk, now!")
movement: pulling up and shuffling around on everything; extremely fast crawler

That's all I can think of for now.. maybe will update this post when I have had more sleep (5 to 10 years from now)...

Anyway, I love that girl so much it hurts. In a good, exhausting sort of way.

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