September 05, 2013

summer, as seen through the diaper bag camera

Remember how I was super dramatic about how busy we have been all summer? Well, I decided to share just a few snippets of what we have been up to. 
All these pictures were taken with the little camera I keep in my diaper bag and pull out when ever I think "I really need to document this!" 
Half of them are taken while balancing a baby in one arm. So, not the best quality, but, hey, at least I'm documenting...

Corbett Fourth of July Parade. Always entertaining:

Happy Valley Splash Pad:

Nerf gun buddies!:

All ready for camping:

The dudes. Fishing. Hanging out. Doing what dudes do:

 More dude stuff: throwing rocks into water:

My child was a blur the entire camping trip:

 Happy camper:

 James and daddy on the tube:

Rock climbing gym. James can't stop talking about it, even though this was as far up as he climbed:

 The zoo with our friends the Triplet Gals:

Blue Lake splash pad (goggles optional):

Pony ride:

a little work mixed in with all the fun:

 touring the Rose Garden (that's what I'm calling it regardless. Just like Civic Stadium.) :

getting messy in the sand box:

Hopefully some recipes and more house tour soon! (I know, you are just on the edge of your seat, ha)

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  1. Love seeing your pictures. I would be okay if all you did was posted pictures:) Although I do like a recipes and stuff too!