June 15, 2011

(edible) Summer host/hostess gift #1

I decided a couple weeks ago that I would create an entire post about some of the fantastic edible host/hostess gifts you can give at all those summer bbqs and dinner parties you are invited to. But then, we went to a couple parties and ended up just bringing six packs of Twilight (the seasonal Deschutes beer, not six DVDs of that teen drama gone Dracula.)
So instead I have chosen to present them to you one at a time. Here is the first installment:
Potted plant with chalkboard labels
you need:
chalk board paint (a small tub may seem spendy, but it goes a long way)
paint brush
duct tape
terra cotta pot
Simply mark off on the pot the section you would like to be the label with the duct tape. Paint two coats, waiting for the first to dry completely before applying the second. Carefully remove the tape after the second coat has completely dried and ta da! a chalkboard label. Then plant the plant into the pot and write what it is on the chalkboard. This last step may seem unnecessary, but it is very helpful for people like me who know nothing about gardening. Also helpful is the erasable label for people like me who can't keep a plant alive for longer than a week.

Now I just need to be invited to a party.... hint, hint

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  1. Super cute! I love chalk board paint!! and Trudie's Bark-B-Q is this weekend.. are you able to make it? ;-) And we are serving twilight, lol, that part made me laugh!